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Here you will find answers to questions that other hearth and patio dealers have asked about the marketing toolbox. If you have a question that is not answered here, please submit your question and we will post an answer in a timely manner. We strive to make the marketing toolbox user friendly and easily understood. Please do not hesitate to ask any and all questions about how to use the marketing toolbox to market your business.

Sign Up

What Do I Receive When I Sign Up?

By signing up for the NEHPBA Marketing Toolbox, you will receive four professionally produced and tagged commercial spots, along with a branded set of industry standard marketing banners for digital advertising.
Submitting your company's information with payment by the first week of the month guarantees that you will receive your professional marketing materials by the last week of the month.

What Happens After I Sign Up?

Your Dealer information will be forwarded to the production company for your TV commercials and Digital materials to be tagged out with your business information. When the materials are complete, proofs will be delivered to you for final review and approval before the assets are delivered to the media placement agency.

Can I Purchase The Hearth Dealer Marketing Toolbox If I Am Not A Member Of NEHPBA?

Yes. The price is $1,999 and includes the current year membership in NEHPBA (for businesses in NY or New England). Please contact NEHPBA at 603-669-2740 ext 102 for more information. Membership in NEHPBA must remain current in order to participate in the Hearth Dealer Marketing Toolbox program.

Where Can I Preview The Assets Relating To This Program?

Visit our Contact page and your request will be forwarded to the NEHPBA Marketing Toolbox. Your inquiry will be responded to promptly.

I’m A Member Of Another HPBA Affiliate. Am I Eligible To Purchase The Hearth Dealer Marketing Toolbox?

Yes. Proof of your current HPBA affiliate membership must be provided to receive a member discount. You make your purchase through NEHPBA just like NEHPBA members at member price. Some other regional affiliates may be offering the program to their affiliate members in the near future. Contact your local affiliate to see if they are currently offering this program before signing up through NEHPBA.

Asset Production

How Are The Marketing Materials Tagged With My Company's Information?

When you join the NEHPBA Marketing Toolbox via our Sign-Up form, you provide us with your company logo and information. We archive these files and incorporate them into the creative assets during production.

Can I Add Or Change The TV Commercials In Any Way?

No, to preserve the impact of the content, we have decided that using the same voice for the tag outs make the product more homogeneous over the entire 30 seconds, going forward in phase 2 we may have other options for 2018.

Can I Edit Or Change The Digital Ad Sets?

The ad set can undergo basic modifications by your marketing company (such as Co-op logo changes or text ribbons), but the fundamental design of the banners we supply can not be modified without rebuilding.

How Long May I Use These Assets?

The assets are yours to keep and use as long as you like, you own them.

Will NEHPBA Be Developing New Assets In The Future?

Yes, The NEHPBA marketing tool box is a long term, ongoing project. Each year we will be developing new assets, each year you will be able to purchase these new assets. We are starting work on the 2018 asset package soon. We welcome suggestions for assets that the members want.

What Are The Technical Requirements For Dealer Logos?

A hi-resolution EPS, PDF or TIFF is required for digital formatting in a way that is used for industry standard quality resolution. Anything low-resolution with pixellate and cause quality assurance issues as well as visibility issues with your marketing assets. When uploading assets to us via the sign-up form, or transferring logos to us via e-mail, please keep this filesize below 10MB. If your file is over 10MB, please provide a transfer or download link. (Dropbox, Hightail..etc)


Are These TV Commercials Approved For Co-Op Reimbursement?

These commercials do not meet the basic requirements for most manufacturers coop reimbursement. However, many manufacturers have reviewed the content of these commercials and have approved them due to the high quality and generic content. We have listed the manufacturers that have given written approval for coop reimbursement.

How Many Manufacturers Can I Select For To Be Included In My Tag Outs?

You can select up to 3 manufacturers. If you are not using coop, you do not have to use any.

Where Do I Get The Manufacturers Logos For My Tag Outs?

NEHPBA has reached out to manufacturers for their logos in the HD format we require for the high quality product we are offering. We have included a list of the manufacturer logos we have received on our dealer information form.

What If The Manufacturer I Want To Use Is Not In Your List Of Manufacturers?

We have provided space for you to write in up to 3 manufacturers that you want to use. It is your responsibility to contact these manufacturers and request that they send NEHPBA proper high definition logos and their coop reimbursement approval in writing if they want to be added to our list.


What Am I Getting For My Money?

You will receive 4 unique high definition TV commercials tagged out with your personal store information. You will also receive a complete set of digital ad sets in the most common sizes also tagged out with your store information. These assets were developed and produced by NEHPBA at a cost of $50,000

How Do I Pay For The Hearth Dealer Marketing Toolbox?

You must sign up for the program first and provide some information. There is a “SIGN UP” button at both the top and bottom of this site. Click on it, and it will bring you to a form that will be used for personalizing your ad sets and commercial spots. When done, click submit and you will be routed to the NEHPBA online store where you may complete your purchase of the program.

What Payment Types Do You Accept?

At the NEHPBA online store, we accept Master Card, Visa or Discover. We do not accept American Express. We can accept business checks, but please be aware that this will slow the process due to wait times for checks to clear. Once payment is confirmed, we can move your purchase forward to the production stage. If you would like to pay with a check, Please contact NEHPBA at 603-669-2740 ext. 102 for more information.

Will Production Start On My Commercials Before I Pay?

No. All payments must be received by the first of the month in order for delivery of assets by the end of the same month.

Do I Need To Pay For The Personalization Of The Commercials?

No. Your purchase includes personalization of the four commercials and corresponding digital ad sets.


How Do I Use The Digital Content?

The digital ads are intended to be used as part of your overall advertising strategy. Pay-per-click (PPC), also known as cost per click (CPC), is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites. The advertiser only pays when someone clicks the ad - Not to be confused with Retargeting, which uses tracking pixels that track the websites that you visit and serves ads based on that activity.

PPC advertising can be highly targeted for age, geographic location, sex, hobbies, and more, making it an extremely valuable and effective marketing tool, not to mention cost effective. PPC "display" advertisements, also known as banner ads, can also be shown on websites with related content that have agreed to show ads.

It is important that your website is designed to continue the process and drive potential customers into your store, where your staff should be ready to close the deal.

How Do I Use The TV Commercials?

The commercials are intended to be used a supplement to your existing marketing efforts. While you may be focused on offers or specials, which are important to have in the mix, the concept of the commercials is to go a step further by linking an emotional feeling with your Brand/Your Store.

Can I Have Exclusive Rights To These Assets In My Market Area?

No, the commercials were developed to be generic in nature so that they can be used by more than 1 dealer in any market area to stimulate interest in Hearth. Any marketing done in an area stimulates the market and we all benefit no matter who runs the commercial. This is why we encourage you to use these to support your existing marketing effort that promote your brand in your market.

If I Purchase The Assets, Do I Get Placement Also?

No there is not any placement included in this asset, you are responsible for purchasing your own placement in your market.

How Do I Purchase Placement For Both The Commercials And The Digital Assets?

If you have your already have a relationship with a marketing company, they will be able to help you with this. If you do not have a relationship, NEHPBA has arranged a relationship with 2 marketing companies that are familiar with this program, there information is listed below.

Who Are Our Marketing Connections?

Michael Lemelin, Comcast
(603) 867-2206

Michael Lemelin, Comcast
(603) 867-2206

Michael Lemelin, Comcast
(603) 867-2206

New Hampshire
Michael Lemelin, Comcast
(603) 867-2206

New York
Chris O'Reilly, We Think Advertising
(518) 281-5540

Kurt Muhfelder, South End Media
(603) 496-4210

Rhode Island
Kurt Muhfelder, South End Media
(603) 496-4210

Michael Lemelin, Comcast
(603) 867-2206


High Quality Television Commercials


Engaging Targeted Digital Ads


Industry Standard Marketing Connections

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